If you think it too serious to define Argentine tango as a kind of philosophy and regard it as merely a genre of social dance, then there is no likelihood of bringing you to a somehow different state of mind by dancing tango.


Originated in Argentina, tango has developed into a great variety of styles including ballroom tango. Precise records of tango history, however, could hardly be tracked. It is commonly recognized that Argentine tango combines music and dance from European, African and South American aboriginals, reflecting these homesick immigrants’ acute nostalgia.


The embrace is essential to Argentine tango. There are no rules of tango dancing as long as you give a genuine hug. Engrossed in the music and feel of the embrace, male and female dancers are like whispering to each other throughout the dance. You can either disclose a secret or pour out the restrained affection whilst dancing tango. No outsiders can tell the messages between clearly, yet the partners are deeply connected due to the embrace and hence able to communicate with each other.


Even so, a tango embrace is absolutely free beyond promise and domination. You do not need a decent relation to justify the embrace; you are not related to your partner anymore as the music ends.


Good or bad; right or wrong. None of the values above exist in the realm of Argentine tango dancing. Feeling and listening are the only principles. It is astonishing but also true that tango is a dance of improvisation. To tango is to utterly react to the feelings brought by your partner and the music. Tango dancers do not memorize steps or movements. What make tango dancing so rich and beautiful are the abundant life stories that lie in every living soul.


Tango dancing well manifests the duality of feminine and masculine. All steps in tango world continue to response to gender relations in dancers’ real world. All detailed elements speak the harmony of yin and yang. A tango dancer would indulge himself/herself in presenting the real man/woman deep in his/her heart. You get to free yourself from sexual stereotypes and social hypocrisy, for Argentine tango dancing just disregard such nonsense.


‘So long as you can still walk, you can dance tango all the way from eight to eighty years old.’ Argentine tango dancing has no limitations on ages. Instead, good vibrations could come about between young and old partners. It is an ideal chance as well to meet friends and build up your social network through tango since nothing explains more during the dance. Just let tango leads you to know your partner!



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